Conference Registration and Attendance Terms and Conditions 

Last Updated: June 7, 2024 

These Conference registration and attendance terms and conditions (these “Terms and Conditions”) constitute an agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as "Registrant", "you" or "your”) and 4.0 Solutions, LLC. (hereinafter referred to as "4.0", “we” or "our"), governing registration for and attendance and participation at any live or virtual meeting or conference organized 

or Managed by 4.0 (hereinafter referred to as "Conference" in the singular and "Conferences" in the plural). 

As a Registrant for a Conference, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions, which may be modified from time to time by 4.0 and which shall apply to each Conference you participate in. These terms and conditions contain important terms, including disclaimer of liabilities.  

The term “4.0 Parties,” as used herein, means, collectively, the owners, officers, directors, employees, consultants and contractors of 4.0.  

Conference Registration Payment: 

  • Acceptable payment methods are specified on the registration webpage for each Conference. Full payment must be received prior to the Conference in order to gain entry. You are responsible for any additional registration expense related to currency exchange rates or taxes. 
  • Your submission of a registration, whether online, or by email, or telephone constitutes your official registration and intent to attend the Conference. 
  • Online registration and payment processing are provided through a third-party payment processing service that uses encryption software to protect payment information and the transmission of Registrant data. 
  • Conference registrations may be reviewed by 4.0 to determine the accuracy of registration category selected by Registrants. Should 4.0 determine, in its sole discretion, that you selected the wrong registration category when you registered, you will be charged the difference in fees between the two categories. 

Registration Cancellation and Refund Policy: 

  • 4.0 may establish specific terms and conditions for registration cancellation and registration payment refunds for a particular Conference by posting a notice of those terms and conditions on the Conference’s registration webpage. Absent such notice, should we receive a written request to cancel your registration for a Conference within thirty-five (35) days of the date that you registered and paid for it, we will refund the registration fees that you paid for that Conference minus any amounts that we have already refunded or returned and a non- refundable $100 administrative fee. Provided however, that if you register within forty-five (45) days or less of the date that the Conference starts and subsequently cancel your registration, you will not be eligible for any refund. All requests for registration cancellations and refunds should be emailed to: [email protected]. 
  • Should 4.0 approve a refund for registration cancellation, we will credit the amount of the refund back to the credit card or other payment method you used to register or, if we are unable to do that, we will, at our option, send you a check or wire payment for the amount of the refund. 
  • Canceling your registration for a Conference does not automatically cancel your hotel and travel reservations, and you are solely responsible for canceling those and for any associated costs. 
  • If you have questions regarding the Conference registration or cancellation processes, please contact us at: [email protected]  

Conference Cancellation: 

4.0 may establish special terms for the cancellation of a particular live or virtual Conference by posting a notice of those terms on the Conference’s registration webpage. Absent such notice, the following terms shall apply: 

  • Should 4.0 determine, in its own discretion, that acts of God, war, acts of terrorism, government regulations, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, epidemic, pandemic, curtailment of or restrictions on transportation facilities, or other events beyond 4.0’s control (collectively “Force Majeure”) make it unsafe, illegal, impossible or commercially impracticable to hold a live Conference, 4.0 shall, in its own discretion and as practical under the circumstances, have the right to either: 
  • Deliver the affected Conference, within its scheduled dates, as an online event having an agenda substantially similar to that which was planned for the live Conference; or 
  • Reschedule the affected Conference, in which case your registration fee will be applied to the rescheduled Conference. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled Conference, then you may, by providing written notification to 4.0, apply the registration fee you have paid towards registration for another 4.0 Conference that is scheduled to be held within twelve (12) months from the start date of the affected Conference. 4.0 reserves the right to approve or deny such registration fee transfer requests. Should the registration fee being applied be lower than the registration fee for the alternative Conference you select, you will be charged the difference; or 
  • Cancel the affected Conference altogether and refund all registration fees that you paid for that Conference. 
  • 4.0 may cancel a live or virtual Conference for reasons other than Force Majeure, in which case 4.0 will (i) send written notice of such cancellation, at least forty (40) days prior to the applicable Conference start date, to the email address you have provided in the Conference registration form, and (ii) refund all registration fees that you paid for such cancelled Conference. 
  • Except as specified above, 4.0 shall under no circumstances provide any cash refunds to Registrant or have any liability to Registrant as a result of the cancellation of a Conference, whether due to a Force Majeure event or for other reasons. 

Data Privacy Statement: 

  • As part of the Conference registration process, 4.0 may collect certain personal information from you (the “Registration Information”). This information may vary, but typically includes information such as your name, email address, profession, employer, job title, areas of interest or specialization, and information necessary to process your payment for your registration. All Registration Information is voluntarily submitted by your entering data into online forms. 
  • When you attend a Conference, we may collect information (“Attendee Information”) about you through recording the Conference and our usage of audience response systems, surveys, web conferencing technologies, or telephonic conferencing technologies. 


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